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Dungeon Crawl Classics – My Review After Reading It for Like 10 Minutes or So

June 8, 2011

Hey Games Workshop, I found your rejected art folder from 1st edition WFRP.

Staying on the GW theme, this feels like it owes a lot to Advanced Heroquest.  Layout, font, tables of micro-setting fluff, streamlining.  Should be played on a board you assemble as you go, with shitty plastic figures that you replace piecemeal with cool ones.

I don’t mind lots of tables for the spell shit.

Seems like the game you play at a con while you’re waiting to play your game.  Or for sessions where the DM is transitioning from one campaign to the next and needs more time to get his shit together.  Or for newbies as a gateway drug.  Or solo.

‘Mighty Deeds of Arms’ – that’s cute that you’ve named it and capped the words, but we just call that ‘roleplaying’ and your DM is supposed to be hip to it.

At least they tried something a little different – I’ll read more and try harder to despise it.

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  1. Skullking permalink
    April 13, 2012 6:08 am

    Hey – do you want any soda with that vitriol?

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