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In a Perfect World…

July 21, 2010

… James Raggi and Geoff McKinney would walk into a sorcerer’s lab and activate a brain switching device that would transplant James’ boundless energy and relentless professional drive into Geoff, and then Geoff’s abundant indifference and complete lack of initiative would get put into James.  Because then we’d have CARCOSA going out into the world with a huge push, as a box set, with adventures, and enthusiasm, and supplements, and distributor support… and LotFP WFRP would be left to rot in a basement.

But the brain switcher would be subtle enough to leave James’ bullshit, off-putting hucksterism behind.

In a perfect world…

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  1. FASERIP permalink
    July 29, 2010 9:46 pm

    In a perfect world, you’d blog about something funny, like this shit.

    The OSR finally has its own Joyce Jillson.

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