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Text of DungeonMastering Plea for Content… Apply Directly!

May 21, 2010

Well, that’s weird… the job listing on from DungeonDisastering has been deleted!  I wonder what happened?  Maybe they went back in-house, and one of their Gamer Lifestyle grads is at this very moment using the scary-good DM creative skills learned in workshop to come up with something magical.  Maybe they scuttled their expansion plans and decided to hoard their filthy lucre.  Is Monte Cook safe from an attack of the clones?  Only time will tell…

Just in case anyone missed it, I saved the text of the DungeonMastering call for content.  Who knows… apply to them directly and you just might get lucky!  (Remember, samples should be “addition” neutral.)


Do you have great creative writing abilities? Do you love Dungeons and Dragons? Would YOU like to become an encounter writer for DungeonMasteringDOTcom?

If you answered yes to the above questions, please consider the following, and bid accordingly.

1.) We don’t have time to manage every project/opportunity that comes along for our very large community, and are in need of an experienced Dungeon Master to create Maps, Encounters, NPC’s, etc…

We will be launching a service very similiar to something like dungeonadayDOTcom (would be wise of you to see what they offer before making a bid) and would like to source the content for this offering to a writer like you.

2.) We will be providing you with a FREE DM Tools account (can be found at tools.dungeonmasteringDOTcom), that normally sells for $30-50. You can use any of the monsters, magic items, powers, etc in our database in these encounters.

3.) We wil need each encounter to be about 800-2,000 words, a map of your dungeon for the month (we will provide you with your mapping software of choice from and an agreement to provide encounters to complete the equivalent of one whole adventure per month, one encounter at a time, 30 encounters per month.

You will be paid for every encounter, so please bid on a “per encounter basis”. You may also bid on a monthly basis or “adventure” basis, but please specify so in your bid.

4.) The more you can provide us with in advance, the more we’re willing to pay. It helps ensure the stability of our program to have content up front, so if you’re able to provide a month’s worth of encounters on a weekly basis, we’ll take them…In other words, please specify a time frame for delivery.

5.) All encounters, monsters, NPC’s, items, powers, maps, images, and other content must be completely original, and comply with use under the open game console license agreement, (d20 system), and may not be subject to copyright laws. In other words…DON’T COPY STUFF FROM OTHER AUTHORS, and most importantly, no copying stuff from Wizards of the Coast.

6.) Encounters must be playable (within reason) with every addition of D&D. So keep them generic enough for users of all systems to enjoy, but detailed and creative enough to be worth playing.

7.) Please specify how much experience you have with DnD, how long you’ve played/DMed, and a small sample of your writing. Those who do not do so, will not be considered for this job.

Thanks for your time, and your bids!

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  1. PrinceofNothing permalink
    September 5, 2013 10:51 pm

    Tools can be found at alright.


  1. Adventuring Parties, LLC « Your Dungeon Is Suck.

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