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DungeonMastering Wants You for BIG$$$$$$$!!!

May 21, 2010

The incredible talents fucking douche bags at DungeonMastering are at it again!  Draining the bank accounts of deluded would-be Gygax-es must have worked out, ’cause they’re looking to expand!  But they’ve got a problem – they want to compete with Dungeon-a-Day, but they don’t have the time to create content themselves.  What to do…?

Let’s grab a hack from teh Internets – lowest bidder will be hired!

From the same freelancer website that brings you ‘Need Twitter Followers for Online Scam’, ‘eBay Drop-Ship Ruse Victims Wanted!’, and ‘$0.002/Word or Go Fuck Yourself’ comes a plea for content suitable for every “addition” of D&D.

Wait a minute… Their Gamer Lifestyle program didn’t provide any of its grads with the skills to crank out a quiver-full of encounters?  I’m shocked.  Well, DungeonMastering’s fail is your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ opportunity.  Apply now with your sample Flumph lair!

And if you don’t get the gig writing for DungeonMastering, be sure to subscribe to their forthcoming Dungeon-a-Day clone.  Because if you’re going to pay good money for content, would you rather have it come from Monte Cook… or some anonymous keyboard slave who posted the lowest bid?

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